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2013 Fanatic Freewave TE 115 - E

FREEWAVE TEXTREME®/TE/CWS The original FreeWave was built with one thought in mind: to offer ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create – for every sailor. As we approached 2014 we were tasked with a new challenge: how to make the best even better? This is a question that we have been trying to answer for years. With our flagship FreeWave range being one of the most loved boards on the market today, it was out of question to introduce a new board that might not beat the highly decorated shape. Better was the only option. After a long, intensive R&D cycle, including years of prototyping and testing around the world, Fanatic proudly introduces a completely new design for the 2014 FreeWave range in the sizes 76, 86, 96, 106, 116. It’s the most versatile FreeWave model ever conceived. The new compact fishtail outline, combined with a flatter mid-deck section and carefully formed rails produce a harmonically tuned shape that offers unrivaled performance on flat water and in waves. A Board that has been used twice, and is in excellent condition. About the board A powerful bottom shape, comprised of a slight V and shallow double concave sitting on a quick scoop rocker line, ensures early planing along with potential for down-the-line speed. And the real revolution – ride any new FreeWaveTE or TeXtreme® as a Thruster or a Single Fin. Choose between the lightest technology available or the best value-for-yourmoney construction. Make your FreeWave what you want it to be. Then simply enjoy. Key Features - Slightly shorter and more compact with increased outline area in the nose for earlier planing and smooth Waveriding - Fishtail and rounded nose - New CAD designed scoop rocker line - Slight V and double concave bottom shape - Fuller, smoother rail in the nose area, with higher apex and more tucked-under edge - Flatter mid-deck section for better stance and volume efficiency - Small boards tuned for Waveriding - Thruster option for full Wave performance Board Bag also available. Volume: 115ltrs Length: 244cm width: 66cm weight: 7.6kg Sails: 5.0-7.0m fin: 29cm Please see our other items Feel free to ask any questions
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  • Condition: Outstanding
  • Volume: 115 Litre
  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Berkshire
  • Seller: Bray Lake
  • Price: £999.00

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