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Full Sets of Wave+Freestyle Kit

Last year I moved abroad and have not able to use my kit as often as I’d like due to the conditions (lack if wind/Waves) so it’s now back in the UK to be sold. It’s all listed below accompanied by pictures. For further details on condition, prices, more pictures and any other information such as postage/collection please email me. I would consider selling multiple items as a package deal – everything is compatible. BOARDS • 2010 JP Freestyle Pro 98 ltr board. Includes padded foot straps and 18cm freestyle fin. £350 • 2013 Fanatic Quad 75 ltr board. Includes padded foot straps and original fins. £650 SAILS • 2012 North Hero 5.0m2. £150 • 2012 North Hero 4.5m2. £150 • 2011 Ezzy Panther 4.2m2. £180 • 2010 North Ice 3.7m2. £100 MASTS • Tushingham 400cm 96% Carbon RDM Wave/Freestyle. £250 • Tushingham 370cm 96% Carbon RDM Wave/Freestyle. £225 BOOM • Aeron MCT26 140-190cm Skinny grip alloy. Includes Dakine uphaul line and harness lines. £100 ACCESSORIES • Pat Love 250cm Double Board Bag. Fits either two boards or 1 board plus masts, sails, boom and accessories. £70 • Boardwise quiver bag. £40 • Amex Carbon Mast Extension 45cm RDM. £60 • Alloy Mast Extension 30cm RDM £10 • Dakine T4 waist harness – size S £50 • Chinook UJ/Deckplate with Dakine padded cover £45
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  • Condition: Excellent
  • Volume: 75 Litre
  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Cheshire
  • Seller: Rob Partridge
  • Price: £650.00

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