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Tushingham Lightning 7.0

Tushingham Lightning 2 x cam sail - 7.0m £175 (Luff 469, Boom 2.02, ICMS 23-27) Slight fray in stitching at the top of the luff tube, but this does not affect performance and it is otherwise in very good condition with no repairs and 1 careful lady owner! Lightnings always get good reviews and I have sailed the 7.0 in 30 knots of wind - it was really stable! 7.0 is best in test. Boardseeker has RRP of £438 “The twin-cam Lightning combines the best attributes of a race sail with the user-friendly appeal normally found in a good rotational. It’s easy to rig and particularly forgiving in choppy or gusty conditions. The huge tuning range allows you to exploit the Lightning’s ‘grunt’ in low winds but remain in total control when overpowered, with minimal input from the rider.” "Having 'user friendly appeal' is not something that you usually associate with cammed sails, but then this isn't your usual cammed sail, this is a Lightning - a what a performer! Having a great tuneable range and loads of bottom end grunt this is a sail that has appeal to all sailors who what to go fast and be the fastest without delving into the realms of race or slalom sails."
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  • Condition: Good
  • Sail Size: 7.0m
  • Location: Dorset
  • Seller: Jackie Lambert
  • Price: £175.00

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