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VW T5 205 Bhp LWB metallic Briti

converted for windsurfing , surfing, mountain biking. Huge double bed , or three seats in the back with belts. Side wall seperates van for windsurfing kit. Fridge, solar panel and two leisure batteries. Tv DVD player. Electric monotoring system with volt meter.

leather seats in the front , with VW logo in head rests, double height Kenwood radio, nav, and phone system. Subwoofer and iPod hook up.

Bilstien B14 adjustable suspension.

new intercooler and turbo , remapped by Pendle to 205 bhp.

removable tow bar , and snow chains. 4 bike pendle rack sits on tow bar. Two bike tailgate mounted rack. Kyham quick erect two bed awning , with lights, cookers and gas bottle. Portaloo.

van has a cupboard with all kitchen utensils and unbreakable glass crockery.

storage under the back seat , With the seat up a trials bike or five mountain bikes fit in the back. With the bed down 8 x 4 foot sheets fit in the back

Absolutly one of the best  multipurpose vans out there.

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  • Condition: Excellent
  • Year: 2004
  • Location: Warwickshire
  • Seller: mark fitton
  • Price: £14,000.00

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